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Greg Long, the 26-year-old big wave surfer from San Clemente, California, won the grand prize at the ninth annual Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards for the Ride of the Year Category. Long Received $50,000 in recognition of his performance at the swiss replica watches Red Bull Big Wave Africa event held at Dungeons off Cape Town on July 26, 2008.Long made the winning ride without the aid of a PWC, or Jet Ski, him the only one in his XXL category to do so. The wave was close to 40 feet on the face, and it was quite arguably the best tube ride ever successfully completed on a paddle-in wave of that size, said Bill Sharp, Billabong XXL’s event director.

What are some of the funniest comments youve heard when passing guys or gals in a race?“Dude, that was a chick!” Whats the highest reading on your power meter?656w. For real’s – that’s my all time ever high recorded. Impressive huh?Have you ever lost it in a race?LOL, Oh yes! Those moments are technically known as “Brown-Outs”. I had two of them during stage 2 of Trans Rockies in 2008. We were racing single speeds in replica Omega 2894.52.91 Men's Watch an open mixed geared category. Tears and sobbing were involved…If you had to sum up racing in one sentence what would it be?A flash of intense livingIf you were to describe yourself as a fruit what would it be and why?I’m a starfruit. I look round from a distance but am star shaped when you see a cross section of me.Heidi Volpe

Three-time Tour de France winner, Alberto Contador, decided to leave the team that saw him through two of his Tour wins, roadcycling reports. To add insult to injury, Team Astana learned about Contadors decision through Contadors press replica omega De Ville CoAxial CoAxial Rattrapante watches service.The 27-year old Spaniard won the Tour de France in 2007 on the Discovery Channel team, and in 2009 and 2010 on Team Astana. While riding for Astana, he also won the 2008 Giro dItalia, and the 2008 Vuelta a Espa?a. Lance Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel left Astana at the end of last year when the team struggled to pay wages.No word yet on which team Contador will ride for next year, but insiders speculate hell join Bjarne Riiss team. Riis is current owner and manager of Team Saxo Bank.--Erin Beresini

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It’s such a hard thing it’s mind blowing all kinds of women do it every day and then do it again. Even a 24 solo is no match for the place you go during childbirth. Yeah, it makes you tougher.How many hrs to you spend training a week?0 - 30What race did you learn the most about yourself in?Oh, I have been taught many lessons at many replica Omega Seamaster Men's Watch races. The bad races are where I learn the most. Payson 24 last year was particularly horrible for me and I learned a lot there. I had a power meter, heart rate monitor and gps on my bike there, so I had mucho data to back up everything I was learning.

Kayakers have come up with another idea: convert old dams into whitewater parks, concrete structures built into a river to create rapids. And it’s gaining traction. Eighty-five new parks popped up in the past ten years and about 25 more are in various stages of construction. Most dams costs between $50,000 and $2.5 million to cartier Tank Americaine watches convert into a park, or roughly half the cost of refurbishing or removing dams. That price point spurred cities well off kayakers radars, like Flint, Michigan, and Springfield, Iowa, to commit to installing parks.If the failure of Lake Delhi dam is an indication of whats to come, more whitewater parks could be the best thing for America. In other words, paddling is patriotic.

A new study shows good luck charms--like baseball player Jason Giambis lucky thong--can improve athletic performance, the New York Times reports. Researchers in the psych department at Germanys University of Cologne conducted a series of experiments designed to determine if good-luck superstitions work, like Giambis cartier Tank Francaise watches gold thong, Michael Jordans UNC shorts, or a golfers need to kiss the ball before a put. The answer? “Activating a good-luck superstition leads to improved performance by boosting people’s belief in their ability to master a task,” the researchers wrote. Of course, innate talent and hard training dont hurt either. --Erin Beresini

Iowa’s Maquoketa River replica Cartier Tank Solo watches washed away Lake Delhi dam

On Saturday, Iowa’s Maquoketa River replica Cartier Tank Solo watches washed away Lake Delhi dam, flooding some 50 homes and 20 businesses. It’s not surprising that an 83-year-old dam broke in a flood, but its a symptom of a bigger problem: Americas aging infrastructure. The average age of America’s 86,000 dams is 51, and the estimated price to repair just the high-hazard dams, or those near homes, is a staggering $16 billion. As for kayakers, who knows, the next Eric Jackson might be from Flint. If you’re interested in converting a backyard dam into a whitewater park, get in touch with Gary Lacy’s firm, Recreation Planning and Engineering.--Kyle Dickman

Don’t expect that investment to be made anytime soon (things like wars and unruly banks are demanding more of Washington’s attention), but until it is, more dams will break.One solution rightly being championed by enviros—American cartier Santos 100 Chronograph watches Whitewater, Save Our Wild Salmon, American Rivers--is to purge old and unproductive dams from the inventory, like Washington State did when they tore Hemlock Dam down last August. Check out Outsides July issue for coverage and this film for more info. Removal’s good for endangered fish and restores ecosystems, but it’s expensive, so relatively infrequent. Hemlock, just 26-feet tall, cost a cool $2.7 million to tear down.

To come from long time. Announced in Basle 2008 nine months ago, new Terra d Aqua of Omega Seamaster is now device in Omega Web site of S. If all is well, we will see it in the stores soon.New Terra d Aqua of Omega Seamaster. The heart of new Terra d Aqua de Seamaster is the levelling of the new movement. New Terra d Aqua de replica Omega 2538.2 Men's Watch Seamaster will be available with the coaxial gauge 85008501 of Omega, instead of the coaxial gauge 2500 of Omega used in the preceding model of Terra d Aqua de Seamaster.The coaxial gauge 85008501 of Omega was released the first time at the public in 2007 in the vision of Omega De Ville Hour.

The Chestatee Wildlife Preserve replica Cartier Tank Francaise watches usually attracts visitors with its white tigers

A donkey-zebra hybrid was born at a Georgia wildlife preserve about a week ago, the Gainesville Times reports. The Chestatee Wildlife Preserve replica Cartier Tank Francaise watches usually attracts visitors with its white tigers, but the zedonk is the new sensation. Only a few other zedonks (or zonkeys, if you prefer) are known to exist, including one born in 2005 in Barbados, two at Groombridge Place in England, and a few at Wild Animal Safari in Missouri.While Georgias new zedonk was born to a donkey mother, the baby zedonk’s instincts are all zebra, said the zookeeper. For more on hybrid animals and zedonks, check out this Outside article

Wake up with Wesley jumping on my head, drag Emma out of bed and coax her awake, brush teeth, make breakfast, do dishes, make school lunches, scooter to school with kinders, work on coaching stuff, ride, more coaching, scooter back to school to get kinders, homework, dinner, maybe more coachy stuff or evening kinder replica Omega 2226.8 Men's Watch stuff, shower, read stories, bed.Did you ride when you were pregnant?Oh yeah. Belly a swinging. Did you see a benefit, or come back stronger, after giving birth?I didn’t plan to comeback after giving birth. I was sucked back into racing uncontrollably. Giving birth is nothing like racing.

by Grayson Schaffer | on April 17th, 2009 | in FeaturesFriday was puppy day at Wildrose Kennels, in Oxford, Mississippi.Three litters went home with people who had flown in from as far asMichigan, Washington, and California. I met my mom in Memphis, where werented a car and drove down to pick up our new pups—hers from Replica A Lange&Sohne watches Whiskey and Piper and mine from Hamish and Carol. Here’s the highlight reel.My moms pup and his sire, WhiskeyMy moms pup and his sire, WhiskeyWait, Whiskey, Nooo!


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Officine Panerai This Granturismo Scuderia Unique Edition Chrono by Ferrari was engineered by Officine Panerai, however the Ferrari logo is all that is displayed on the dial.The use of Ferrari red on the dial was a perfect choice for a company known for their red supercars.The prancing horse is proudly displayed on the dial along Replica Omega 2263.80 Seamaster 300m Watch with three contrasting black chrono subdials.Panerai and Ferrari made a great decision to work together to create a watch line that represents Italy's very best.More pics after the jump.

This is an Omega Deville Central Tourbillon Co-Axial Chronometer.A brown dial, strap, bridges and plates look really good with the red gold case, hands, screws and wheel.Omega has created a really appealing watch by utilizing great colors, materials and an excellent movement. It comes with a replica MotoGP helmet that is actually the Replica Omega 1475.71 Constellation Watch case.

Watchismo Swiss watch brand Edox produced a limited edition wristwatch for Swedish sports car brand Koenigsegg.This cool looking Replica Omega 3881.50.37 Speedmaster Broad Arrow GMT Watch costs as significantly as a pretty nice car at $30,000.The watch is styled after the Koenigsegg CCX body.I have never heard of this brnad of car, but it appears they make nice cars and even nice watches. Inside you will find a medallion for each of the 2007 Moto GP tracks.The medallions can actually be swapped out as the caseback for the MotoGP watch.